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We are Babu™. We’re visionaries on a mission-driven journey with a bold goal: we want to change the way research is done, funded, and shared, to accelerate progress for all. We want to make Babu™ a transformative engine for science engaging YOU in this process, because you matter the most - because we all matter the most. Because we are Babu™.

Meet Steve Liebich

Our Founder's Story
Steve Liebich

I'm Steve Liebich, the founder of Babu™. This project is deeply personal, starting from overcoming severe health problems in childhood to confronting the challenges of being a young researcher. Coming from a not privileged background, it was all made possible because of the unwavering support from my mom. Despite our financial constraints, she believed in me, nurturing my curiosity and determination against all odds.

My passion for understanding life first led to study medicine and then to specialize in molecular sciences. Studying in America opened my eyes: the world of wondrous science suffers from the common kind of bureaucratic and general inaccessibility sickness. It was there that I grasped the critical need for an enterprise like Babu™, designed to change the status quo of standard procedures and guidelines, scientific process development and management, and social engagement on a completely new level.

We aim to create a symbiotic relationship of the entrepreneurial, scientific, and social sides of progress, making profits through innovation while propelling scientific discoveries that benefit humanity (“to keep the profit wheel spinning”).

This initiative is my way of giving back, to extend the same support that once made my dreams possible. Babu™ is set to revolutionize how we approach scientific advancement, making it more accessible, impactful, and aligned with the needs of our society.

What we do

At Babu™, we are gearing up to revolutionize the scientific world by changing the current status quo of what science is and how science should be done. And by introducing a new ecosystem of global tools, new rules of conduct, new ways of reception and evaluation, and new ways of looking at a scientific project, we are building a global enterprise.

It’s a movement already in motion. A movement introducing a new concept: you and I, everyone - we all can make a change and contribute to science in more than one way. We all can reimagine scientific progress and our place on Earth.


Babu's International Network of Science

A scientists community - connect, share knowledge, and support each other in groundbreaking projects.


Scientific Projects Investment Network

A dedicated network of tools aimed at initiating and financing promising scientific research.


Market of Science

An innovative marketplace for the exchange and acquisition of scientific products, data, and discoveries.

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