Babu™ Vision

Six Assumptions

Seven Rules

Nine Virtues

The Vision Decree

Babu™ is to become a symbol. The symbol is intended to wake up hope. Hope, in turn, is meant to ignite a flame to light the path to a New World built on change. The greatest change takes place in a moment of unity, when people unite beyond what divides them and develop together what unites them. That is why the true expression of the Babu™ symbol is kindness. By building Babu™ together, we are building a symbol of kindness that everyone has the right to support or reject. The Babu™ Vision is a choice and an alternative to the world we already know.

These Six Assumptions, Seven Rules and Nine Virtues of Babu™ are the guidelines and concrete guidelines on the basis of which it intends to develop. Above all, they are the values of a company that, in addition to the face of modern business and science, has the face of a company that is for the people.

1. Babu™ will be available to all the people worldwide.

By building branches in almost every country in the world, Babu™ will get closer to the people and enable them to build a "human company" together.


2. Babu™ is a pro-social company with healthy capitalism. 

By making a large profit and sharing it with the people who supported it based on a common goal, such a company initiates a snowball effect towards a healthier capitalism with the other person in mind.


3. Babu™ brings universalism and the centrality of ideas to science and business.

Babu™ is not guided by the rigid boundaries of accepted social stratification: anyone can be a scientist, or an entrepreneur, or an activist, or a patient - that is why ideas and lack of prejudice reign at Babu™.


4. Babu™ is developing as a non-profit biotechnology company set in a social construct.

Let us build Babu™ for the people and with the people.


5. Based on its Three Pillars, Babu™ will try to cure incurable diseases: the common ones and the rare ones. 

Not every disease and not every invention can be monetised, but every cure and every technology becomes invaluable for even one life saved.


6. Babu™ will become a symbol showing an alternative approach to science, business and solving social problems.

The symbol is stronger than any face, and the rank of a symbol worthy of people's trust Babu™ has to earn itself and will never go out of its way.

1. Privatisation, decentralisation and individualisation of the biotechnology industry
2. Universalism - everyone counts and everyone contributes something that counts
3. Centralisation and favouritism of ideas 
4. Platformisation
5. Acceleration of progress
6. Za healthy profit and a healthy society 
7. Global incubation and the protection of creators' rights
1. Kindness
2. Closeness
3. Revolutionism
4. Altruism
5. Care
6. Progress
7. Freedom
8. Prosperity
9. Hope

Babu™ core

See how the Babu™ core differs from the others.

Social-Profit Biotechnology Company
Babu™ is becoming a social-profit biotechnology company, meaning that its unique for-profit activities in the business and science domains are the principal foundations underlying the pro publico bono intentions of Babu™.
Babu’s business model brings together five current business models: accelerators, incubators, crowdfunding and hedge fund companies, and VC firms. Creating a unique modus operandi Babu™ aids its accepted Projects in two ways: financially and substantially covering at least 50% (up to 100%) of the Project’s total costs.
Unification of Several Social Groups
Babu™ takes its Three aspects very seriously: democratization, unification, acceleration. Both Babu's™ business model and its Vision are mainly based on unification. Thus, Babu™ aims to assimilate three groups of people: investors, researchers and patients (and the people associated with them), where one person can represent one or all three groups at the same time.
Firstly, Babu™ aims to become a company based mostly on private capital bringing decision-making sovereignty. Secondly, with each completed Project and its own partial return on investment, Babu™ aims to build its own financial capital delivering it the necessary autonomy for the future goals.
Help At All Costs - There Are No Uneconomic Projects
According to the above elements of Babu™'s business model, the main beneficiaries of its activities are researchers (a finished Project), patients (a new therapy or technology) and investors (a high financial return on a Project with reduced risk and a relatively fast waiting period). Babu™ itself will only build its capital indirectly: partial return on profit, strategic investments, non-profit campaigns. However, this will be enough for Babu™ to ensure that it has adequate funds to pay for those Projects that have the potential to save lives but are financially unviable from the point of view of so-called "Big pharma". For Babu™, this approach is unacceptable: it will therefore support Projects for big things with huge returns and Projects for big things with tiny financial returns but priceless returns for patients.
Following on from the previous Babu™ specificities, they are in the final equation to build trust: the trust of researchers, investors and - most importantly - patients and all other people in need. This will be equivalent to putting into practice the perpetuum mobile principle: one Project selected and supported by Babu™, which attracts the attention of one or more investors, is likely to end in substantive and financial success - a new therapy or technology for the patients and a return on investment for the investors (who can also be the patients themselves). Thanks to this, future Projects will attract more attention from already familiar and new researchers and investors. In other words, the success of one Project will build trust as a foundation for future Projects.
Babu™ chooses and will choose Projects very carefully. However, there will be more and more breakthrough Projects every year, and this means that Babu™ is already introducing the principle of parallel investments - in other words, one investor can invest in more than one Babu™ Project and one Project can have more than one investor. Thanks to this, Babu™ practices its third aspect: accelerating scientific progress.
Largest Democratic Scientific Advisory Board
>Babu™ is building the largest Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) in the world, composed of exactly 100 Members representing accordingly the Three Pillars of Babu™. This goal is driven by three main arguments: 1) Babu™'s scientific decisions will remain mostly democratic, 2) the chosen Projects will have a much better chance of succeeding and thus shaping modern biomedicine, and 3) Babu’s™ investors will be given Projects with a significantly reduced risk of entry.
Each external Babu™ Project represents one of the Three Pillars. Focussing activities, especially something as complex and large as biotechnology activities, requires clarifying the direction and holding on to it at all cost.
The Babu™ Vision is enclosed in its Decree and completes the big picture of Babu™ highlighting its third aspect: pro-social activities. The main premises can be summarized as follows:
  • Babu™ is to be built for the people and with the people.
  • Babu™ aims to give hope for the better tomorrow by proving that people can be united under one symbol and forget about the differences. 
  • Babu™ is to be built for the people and with the people.
  • Babu™ wants to awaken hope for a better tomorrow by proving that people can be united under a common goal and climb above what separates them.
  • Babu™ has the opportunity to become a symbol representing this goal: a new and better tomorrow.
There has not yet been such a company, but Babu™ hopes to inspire others to follow a similar path and prove that it is possible to unite two seemingly opposing thoughts: pro-capitalism and pro-socialism.

Founder’s letters

Letter #1

Revolution's at the corner

There is much to change in this world. Ever since I was born I have set my aim not at doing things, but at changing them. It’s always about the next revolution. Why should I dream the regular dream if I can dream flying above the Old and welcoming the New? With Babu™, I am not only flying high, but also different: change what must be changed and build what has never been built. With faith in my heart and greatness on my mind, I swear this shall come.

I first thought of Babu™ when I was a sophomore at college. Back then, it was about an idea of an independent and non-profit biotechnological institute for the greats and the braves. Hopelessly participating in my professor’s everyday routines for striving to keep themselves afloat, I was digging a grave for my own childhood dreams. How can one spend one third of their lives soldering their names in the places of prestige just to dedicate the rest attempting to not be forgotten? Is this what it means to be born with the talent for bringing change, especially in biology and medicine, just to watch it float down in the endless river of reputation? This must be changed and this was the main driving force for me when giving life to Babu™. Your age, your resume, your wealth, your network, and your unsoldered name cannot stop your brilliant mind from delivering change to the world. Not on my watch! No matter if you are 15 or 95 – as long as you bring a cure or a change to the table, and as long as they are good, there will be something out there to help you bring it to people, no matter the cost. This something is Babu™. ​

Because science is not slow, the most pivotal point of science is at the idea’s conception. The setup and procedures after take some time, but do you know what absorbs time the most? Money. Money, money, money. And people. Some are for you and your idea and some are against. This is the way it always was and this is the way it always will be. But not in Babu™. No more applying for grants and waiting months to receive a partial of what likely should have been yours from the moment when your own revolution was born. No more angry and proud people surrounding your idea with their own broken wall of fame. I used to think that the Old Guard was the problem. Now I’ve changed that notion a bit: people belonging to both, the Old and New Guard, can be good or evil, progressive or regressive, for or against. It’s not about fighting the Old Guard and supporting the New one. It’s about choosing the people from both groups to work with and deliver change, to build a New World, to cure the incurable, and to make Babu™ the symbol it deserves to be.

Letter #2


Babu™ will become more than a large biotech institution. Babu™ will become a symbol. It will become a symbol for the revolution it will create. In the world of giant corporations, only another huge corporation can change the game and bring people together. This will be the starting point. However, it will take more than an anti-establishment entity to emerge; this is not enough to build a New World. Upon the ashes of the old thinking, Babu™ will finally become the symbol it deserves to be. This Revolution starts with Democracy.

Science is not slow; it is a lack of money and people that slow it down. By the end of the day, it is the idea that really counts. But in the current system it does not. The father of an idea approaches other people who find 100 arguments for why this idea will not work and only one reason why it should be done. They are entangled in the oldest pattern of thinking: progress is good as long as it is slow. This is the only way they find to maintain the world by maintaining themselves. In reality, if that proportion was flipped, we already would have most of our answers to living longer, healthier, and better.

Babu™ listens to EVERYONE. It’s the idea that counts and Babu™ wants to count them as many as they come as long as they are amazingly unique. No matter if you are 12, 20, 40, or 80 – if your scientific idea falls into at least one of the Three Pillars and its truly ground-breakingBabu™ will fund it, Babu™ will lead it to completion, Babu™ will protect it. Babu™ is non-profit and will act as a household name as a scientific stronghold. Not only is every idea safe with Babu™, but if it’s good, it will be good for everyone.

Imagine this. You are a 15-year old student from Iran or an 80-year old Harvard professor. You know that no matter who you are, if you’ve got a Babu™-size scientific idea, you submit it through its special Project Submission System (PSS) and let the world’s biggest Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), eventually composed of exactly 100 Members, decide whether or not Babu™ wants to take care of it. If it does, your well-thought idea becomes a Babu™ Project. Because Babu’s™ money comes mostly from private sources, it has financial flexibility and freedom that governmental and other traditional funds don’t. And because it funds your Project between 50 to 100% of total costs simultaneously providing scientific and essential support, your Project takes 2-3 years instead of 10 to come to completion. No matter the final result, as long as it is successful everyone wins: the investors get their extremely high return of investment, the scientists have their Project done, Babu™ gets its cut and becomes the protector of the idea, and the patients – they get their next miracle. Now imagine that anyone can be a donator and everyone can become a Babu™ investor. Also keep in mind that each SAB Member has only one vote and 32 Members per Pillar makes each submitted idea not only properly assessed, but it’s the democratic nature of the PSS that secures… well, everything. ​

Sounds like a plan?

Letter #3


In the previous letter I asked you to imagine that anyone in the world of Babu™ can become a donor. an investor, or both. But this is not enough to truly accelerate progress or to build a New World. Frankly, this is just a beginning. This world has been operating according to the same old schema for millennia: one becomes a scientist, one builds buildings, and the other sells lilies by the river. People have had the presumptive recognition, a subconscious sixth sense, that there was a higher purpose for humanity to ride along. Most likely, there is more than one purpose, differently defined for each individual. Babu™, however, is developing a higher purpose on its own and this time the entire world will be asked to participate. The higher purpose is unity.

One approach is BINOS™. With BINOS™ (Babu’s™ International Network of Science) each and every interested scientist will be part of a platform uniting them under the wings of Babu™; offering support in their research, no matter how small or big. For the first time, you will be able to find your last missing reagent, well-functioning RAMAN spectrophotometer, or a lab space to finalize your research. Your colleague from Italy, or maybe from Japan, or the Netherlands, who is also your Babu™ colleague and a BINOS™ member, may give you his or her helping hand. No charges or fees, no affiliation requirements – only guidance and secured mentoring from everyone to everyone – welcome to BINOS™. ​

Another approach is SPINE™. With SPINE™ (Scientific Parallel Investors Network Elite™) everyone becomes a Babu™ investor. No matter how big or small your next investment will be, pooled with other SPINE™ investors’ capital, it becomes one, making you all biotech investors! You may be a patient who benefitted from what Babu™ or its associates have brought to you; you may be an accredited investor who knows this game’s rules; you may be a scientist or anyone else in this world – we all are Babu™ family!

Another, but surely not the last approach is our common goal: to live healthier, longer, and better. If we all contribute, is there a greater glory for the modern man? For man in general? We can and we will welcome the times in which the demarcation line between different social roles blends in. Where everything that’s about biomedicine, cures, patients, wellness, and science is homed in the warm arms of one company, one institute, one symbol it deserves to be - Babu™.

Letter #4


Babu™ democratizes. Babu™ unites. Babu™ also accelerates. This was the main and first drive to start Babu™ after all – to truly accelerate science. This is a big one, because even if the system of reviewing could be quickened and re-organized, even if people could be united under one flag and one symbol to work for science and to work for each other, it is the work part that is the pivotal element in the machinery of change that Babu™ has initiated. And it’s not really about making things work, because they already do, ;it’s about changing their trajectory and their acceleration.

In the previous letter I mentioned the two huge platforms of Babu™: BINOS™ and SPINE™. They both complement the unity and acceleration virtues. However, as long as BINOS™ does indeed unite all scientists, it is SPINE™ that not only redraws the social lines, but magnificently accelerates science through business and vice versa. But how exactly does it do so?

SPINE™ is designed to let anyone invest in Babu’s™ Projects by pooling each and every source’s monetary input and dedicate it to one or more Projects. It will matter no more how much you invest, how big your checking account is, how experienced as an investor you are. Maybe a member of your family is a patient suffering from a disease Babu™ wants to cure. Maybe you are that patient. Maybe you are a concerned citizen of the world and you just want to be a part of something bigger. Maybe you are a savvy businessman who simply wants to invest. It doesn’t matter who you are and what you do – you are common-denominator-ed for Babu’s™ Projects and their support; there is no one below and no one above. You all become Babu’s™ investors, science supporters, biotech entrepreneurs, and good-doing people. ​

These investors who commit to Babu™ commit to create the true perpetuum mobile in science and business. In the beginning there are two investors and one Project belonging to one scientific group dedicated to one disease and producing one cure. If this Project ends up with success, it produces the cure, laureates the researchers, and brings back revenue to the investors and to Babu™. The investors will come back with more money, greater trust, and a bigger group of friends. More financial input equals more Projects supported equals more cures and new technology produced equals more people saved. Babu™ generates more and more financial capital so that it becomes independent from external funding and brings on more and more of its internal Projects, builds own labs and incubators, expands in its non-profit roots, and does more good for the people.

Where most companies suffer from the destructive effect of entropy, Babu™ will prove that it reverses entropy. It will be expanding, but with expansion will come condensed greatness not outweighed by costs and losses. It will become the first company delivering its promise without becoming obsolete. What awaits Babu™ is true greatness which will come with the mission to help people and enlighten their path to the better future of a New World guided by Babu’s™ Vision. And everything started with a need for progress.

Letter #5

“Money & people,” this is how I started this series of my personal letters. Because it’s always about the next revolution, even if it means to stand face to face with the Old Guard.

Different revolutions were raised in the history. Many past revolutions lashed out blindly, creating enemies and calling for their destruction. But many times, those “enemies” were merely targeted due to the volatile zeal and blind convictions by the respective “revolutionaries”. However, no revolution has ever had such a focus on what needs to be changed with as much certainty as Babu™. There will be no rampant fervor with an undirected message of change; only focus and determination.

The Old Guard is not the enemy and often it is not even a group of people. It’s a pattern of thinking: “progress is good so long as it is slow.” This mentality mixed with “progress should support my aims, my ego, and my expectations” create the modern (and ancient) Old Guard definition. Unfortunately, many names in entrepreneurship, science, finances, and new technology fall into this definition of the Old Guard; they always have been. But if Babu™ could change that by giving people a common goal and a vision worth fighting for, then even some of the Old Guard would change their pattern of thinking and accept the revolution that Babu™ starts.

It’s a peaceful revolution. It is about to introduce a privatization and decentralization of the biotech market with one dedication: DO IT FO PEOPLE and DO IT WITH PEOPLETherefore, Babu’s™ Vision and its revolution is axed around privatization of the biotech market within the social construct where they both aid and complement each other. Babu’s™ Vision is built around Six Claims and Nine Virtues. They are supported by Seven Rules of Babu’s™ Science. The Claims and Rules will be introduced and described elsewhere, but it is noteworthy to count down the Nine Virtues which hold and will hold everything together when it comes down to the world’s new future built by Babu™:

Goodness – Revolutionism – Guardianship – Freedom – Closeness – Pro-societism – Progress – Wellness – Hope
There is no room for half-measures. There is no room for passive observance anymore. This world, the way as it is today, has no predicament to sustain its trajectory. With Babu™, things will change forever – this is not a promise – it’s the fact.