Internal development of Babu™

Babu™ is building and will continue to build its bridge between science and the world of private funding through several mechanisms, systems and its own platforms. These are being developed at the moment and some will be launched soon.

Internal development Babu™


What is it?
BINOS™ will become an international digital collaboration platform dedicated to every scientist and scientific adepts from industry and the academic world. It aims to establish the largest network of scientific communication and support based on mutual help and building independent scientific prestige. Regardless of country of origin, age, experience or scientific title, every member of the BINOS™ network is entitled to access and use BINOS™ for free, becoming not only a member of this platform but also a contributor to Babu™.
What is the purpose of this?

Scientists representing all applied and theoretical sciences should have access to a network where they can help each other according to the idea "I will help you today so that you can help me tomorrow". Thus, members of the BINOS™ network will help or be helped in one of six categories

  1. Mentoring
  2. Networking
  3. Problem solving
  4. Technical equipment
  5. Laboratory support
  6. Provision of research facilities

In return, BINOS™ members will not only receive precise and voluntary assistance, but will also build the world's only BINOS™ Experience (BE™) - an independent and democratic scientist evaluation factor, ultimately respected worldwide. BE™ will measure if, how and how many times you helped someone when you could have done so.


BINOS™ thus becomes one of Babu™'s main executive tools. Babu™ has created BINOS™ so that BINOS™ can help Babu™ realise its Vision.

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Internal development Babu™


What is it?

SPINE™ is a Babu™ investment platform whose main objective will be to enable anyone in the world to invest in one or more Babu™ Projects, regardless of the size of the investment. SPINE™ will present all current Projects that have been officially approved by the Scientific and Executive Board, but which have not yet been fully funded. From the launch of SPINE™, anyone will be able to become a Babu™ investor.

What is the purpose of this?

Babu™ will not always have the capacity to fund an accepted Project immediately or in the amount needed; sometimes it will simply not want to do so. Why? Because SPINE™ is designed to bring together all three related social groups: researchers, investors and patients. Imagine a disease that someone close to you is suffering from, and Babu™ has just taken it upon itself to support the creator or creators of a Project that has the potential to save your loved one. With SPINE™, you will be able to help them by investing in a specific Project, while becoming a private Babu™ investor yourself. In one moment, the creator, the investor and the patient are connected by several common threads, one of which is SPINE™.

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Internal development Babu™


What is it?

Each external Project will be submitted, recorded and rated in Babu™’s operating system: Project Submission System. PSS is the beating heart of Babu™ and main tool for the Scientific Advisory Board and the Executive Board.

What is the purpose of this?

With the proper operation of the PSS, one of Babu™'s core values - democracy - will be preserved. Indeed, the PSS will make Babu™'s application process one of the shortest and most user-friendly in the world of biotechnology and scientific funding. It will also make it possible to automate and hierarchise the activities of both the Scientific Advisory Board and the Executive Board, and to control every step taken in every Babu™ Project.

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