BINOS™ – The work has moved on

BINOS™ (Babu’s™ International Network of Science) is developing as an international digital collaboration platform for every scientist and science student from both the private and academic worlds. The principle of the BINOS™ platform is extremely simple: I will help you today so that you can help me tomorrow. This network of mutual support for the main problems of the scientific process is based on the basic human values and needs that scientists face every day.

BINOS™ will offer several tools to motivate the Platform’s users to become even more involved, the most important of which will be the BINOS™ Experience (BE™), an independent, fair and democratic scientist evaluation factor, which is currently extremely lacking, and which will help to “show off” scientists’ experience and skills in a clear and fair way.

BINOS™ is also a tool of Babu™ itself – one of the two main tools needed to achieve its key objectives. It is currently under intensive development and the first prototype of the Platform will be available as early as summer 2023. We will keep you informed of any further progress, and will announce the official launch date of the prototype in due course.

Stay tuned!