Babu™ on PGNiG conference

It’s always great to see how Babu™ employees engage in the process of making this world a better place (very much Babu™ like🥰). 

On September 9, BINOS™ Project Manager – Barbara Szulc – participated as one of the key lecturers in headquarters of the PGNiG (Polish Oil Mining and Gas Extraction S.A.), part of Orlen S.A. – a Polish multinational oil refiner company. 

The conference focused on the “Together with nature – biodiversity maintenance” topic, where Barbara focused on the aspects of protection of reptiles and amphibians everywhere where a big infrastructure investment takes place. 

This conference and Barbar’s involvement in ecology (she’s a herpetologist herself😉) is hugely important for Babu™ because of our own initiatives in the green which we will talk about very much soon!

Stay tuned !

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