How is Babu™ going to help scientists?
Babu™ assists the proposed and approved Project financially and substantially at each stage of its advancement, supervising each stage of the work leading to a positive exit.
What is the Babu™ Project and who can apply?
It is a scientific endeavour, from idea to preclinical and clinical research, characterised by innovation and targeted benefits for the benefit of science. Anyone can submit a project: Babu™ removes restrictions on the applicant's age, academic title and achievements, type of education, background or financial situation.
How does Babu™ choose the Project?
Submitted to the internal system, the Project is reviewed by what is ultimately the world's largest Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), and accepted and funded by the Executive Board (EB), receiving funding of min. 50% of the total cost.
How to submit a Project?
Babu™ is currently in the process of setting up the so-called Project Submission System (PSS): an accessible and standardised system for project submissions aimed at shortening the application process and focusing exclusively on merit and budget. Before the PSS is officially launched, Babu™ is opening up to a non-standard form of conversation initiation: simply write to us and present your idea, and we will certainly get back to you within 48 hours.
Can the submitted Project go beyond the Three Pillars of Babu™ area?
No, Babu™ only focuses on the Three Pillars. However, a given Project may fall within the scope of more than one Pillar (the so-called Interdisciplinary Project).
Does Babu™ take away the Project from you?

The Babu™-supported project from start to finish is owned by the author(s).

What does it mean that a Project is supported substantially?

This means that Babu™ not only responds to the financial needs of the Project, but also oversees the work of the Project, supports the researchers and helps to solve any problems that arise during the implementation of the Project.

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Why should an investor support Babu™ Projects?

The Babu™ Project is characterised by:

  1. Reduced risk (thanks to the involvement of the Scientific Advisory Board in the first evaluation phase).
  2. Innovation (only the best projects in terms of impact and commercialisation potential will be accepted).
  3. Lead time (Babu™ aims to complete each Project within 5 years of its acceptance).
  4. High return (depending on the level of development and the "revolutionary" nature of the Project).
How does Babu™ collaborate with investors?
Babu™ gives its investors access to investing in one or all its Projects in the soon-to-be-developed platform, SPINE™ (Scientific Parallel Investment Network of Elite™). Each Babu™ Project is considered to be a business entity which can be acquired by everyone in the world. Babu™ Projects are chosen very accurately, based on their risk, potential, and lead time. ATTENTION: Before Babu™ launches SPINE™, the investment deals are processed either by the Headquarters (USA) or regional Babu™ subsidiaries.
Babu™ Milestones and Parallel Investment
Babu™ defines its own milestones, where one Babu™ Project is usually split into several different milestones mirroring one “successful checkpoint”.  
  • Babu™ focuses on the ultimate goal of the Project and its individual milestones with equal and undivided attention.
  • Each milestone, by definition, should represent a commercial or technological success, or both.
  • This increases the commercial and scientific potential of the Project.
  • This also reduces the entry level risk for all kinds of investors because they actually invest in several “sub-projects” in one Babu™ Project.
  • Additionally, an investor can choose to invest in one or more Babu™ Projects at different levels (rounds) of entry.
What does this unique Babu™ business model look like?
A submitted Project becomes a Babu™-supported Project only after a positive evaluation by the world's largest Scientific Board minimising, in a democratic manner, the risk of each accepted Project. To guarantee the security of each Project, the non-profit Headquarters aims to fund Projects at a minimum of 50% of the total cost, helping scientists not only financially but also substantively. This further eliminates the risk of failure and helps steer each Project to success, even if different from the target. Relying mainly on private capital, a Babu™ investor can invest in one or several Projects receiving an 85% return on the Babu™ profit based on the individual contract signed with each applicant; this profit is equal to the amount of entry into the Project, which has a maximum duration of 5 years. Babu™ focuses on two main types of Projects: those with high returns and those that would be unprofitable for others. It is the financial success of the former that will enable Babu™, as well as interested investors (including those in the SPINE™ network), to finance research for the latter. This makes Babu™'s business model combine four current solutions for new and innovative ventures: incubator, accelerator, crowdfunding company and VC firm. With its snowball effect and reputation as a biotech company with a high percentage of positively completed Projects, Babu™ has the opportunity not only to accelerate progress in biotech, but also to build confidence.
Gain/Loss Questions
How much can you gain? 
  • Currently, the predicted ROI of any Babu™ Project is about 350%. Usually, the return on investment will be available after accessing each Project milestone.
How much can you lose?
  • As much as you have invested, but the loss at the level of one milestone can be regained at another.
What is the risk?
  • The only risk is losing money, but Babu™ will establish itself as the biotech company delivering the most de-risked investment-ready Projects accessible to everyone.
Each Babu™ Project undergoes a strict and scrutinous analysis reflected in its assigned progress bar available to everyone: investors, patients, researchers, and observers.
Why is it worth becoming a Babu™ investor? Because Babu™ Projects:
  • Become de-risked when entering the Project Submission System
  • Have relatively short lead time
  • Are split into the characteristic Babu™ milestones (success checkpoints)
  • Manifest high return on investment
  • Allow different social groups merge and become one super-group, thus increasing diversity and accelerating progress
  • Deliver progress that benefits all
  • Belong to Babu™ - a social-profit biotech company engaging their success in the real-world changes

Invest with us

You and me

How can Babu™ help you?

The old System is flawed; we are all aware of this. The current world seems to be riddled with faults that we have to fight every day. Babu™ does not want to, and does not intend to, tread the well-trodden paths; neither does Babu™ intend to patch up the same holes.


You and I have more in common than we do - that is a fact. But Babu™ intends to climb above the divide and become a symbol that we can all believe in. To make this happen, Babu™ wants to show a new way and will do so in response to people's needs.


That is why, in this hour, Babu™ wants to ask you one question: if you could choose one most pressing problem of the world you live in - what would it be?

How does Babu™ want to realise its Vision: creating a company for and with people?
Today, organisations tell you what problem they think is most important and ask you for support. Babu™ does not intend to impose problems and their solutions on you. And that is why we ask this one question: let's take up the fight together against what destroys and divides us, and we will become one voice rising above the divisions and building a new reality together.
Why does Babu™, a biotech company, want to take on a pro-social aspect beyond its core business?
Why not? Babu™ is willing and able to use its potential to spread the idea of goodness, the idea of a common symbol and, above all, the idea of hope for a better tomorrow. Why couldn't you get up in the morning and call Babu™ with a problem that is important to you and hope that maybe there is someone who can help you after all? Such an idea is worth believing in.
How can I help Babu™?
Patience - soon Babu™ will come to you with concrete proposals. For the moment, only this one question is important to Babu™.