AGT American Gen Technologies cures HIV

AGT (American Gene Technologies) cures HIV!

Babu™ has been trying to support the DC-based gene therapy-focused American biotech company, AGT (American Gene Technologies), for three years now. Babu™ believed in this company for two reasons: 

1) Great leadership

2) Great idea

AGT ( employs the state-of-the-art technology of their own lentivirus vector transforming special immune system cells, CD4 T cells, into the impenetrable fortresses which in the untreated patients are the very cells attacked by the HIV. AGT’s pioneering treatment (AGT103-T) is a single-dose autologous (taken from your own body) cell therapy based on the genetically modified CD4 cells blocking the entry of the virus once they return to your bloodstream.

AGT published a clinical trial article (identifier: NCT03215004) in Frontiers in November 2022 ( presenting the first encouraging data from a Phase 1 trial, and now – with even more positive information delivered from the clinical trial battleground – AGT is becoming ready to move to Phase 2 of AGT103-T!

This could be the world’s first successful and fully efficient combined cellular and gene therapy for CURING HIV!

Babu™ has had a small part in it, but while Babu™ believed in AGT making it one of its first Projectes, AGT in return believed in Babu™ letting it walk in their fantastic world of science and placing another brick to this wall of the therapy of tomorrow!

Bravo, AGT!